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Soundfalls October 2012 Part 1

October 27th, 2012

Part one of the Soundfalls "Tolt Centennial" show recorded on October 13, 2012 at the historic Carnation Tree Farm in Carnation, WA

Performances in this section include:

  • Byron Ricks on the dulcimer
  • Welcome and Introductions - Maren Van Nostrand and Byron
  • Stacy Powell, George Seccombe and Maren sing "Twister"
  • Round 1 of "Tolt Trivia" hosted by Byron
  • Roger Thoreson, owner of the Carnation Tree Farm, tells the story of how his family came to Carnation/Tolt
  • Raleigh Wilson sings and plays guitar on "Tolt Song" and "Voice of the River"
  • Jim Jordon tells stories from the school district (introduced by Rhoda Bezdicek)
  • Jack Ballard performs "The Plant That Ate My Dad" and "The Welcoming Song"
  • Tolt Trivia Round 2
  • Isabel Jones tells tales of growing up in Carnation all those years ago
  • Martin and Becky Chaney perform "Father and Son"
  • Michael Shine recites a poem for Carnation
  • Tolt Trivia Round 3

Soundfalls is produced by Maren Van Nostrand and Byron Ricks. The Soundfalls homepage is located here: www.soundfalls.org