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Soundfalls February 2012

March 6th, 2012

Highlights from the Soundfalls show recorded on February 4, 2012 in Carnation, WA

Performances include:

  • Byron Ricks on the dulcimer
  • Introduction - Maren Van Nostrand and Byron
  • Maren tells a story about Byron on his birthday and sings "Ladybird" by Sid Dameron
  • Young Artist Showcase - Audrey Dombek duets with Maren, a piano solo by Elsie Dombek, and a harp solo by Rachel Rigsby
  • Raleigh Wilson on guitar, accompanied by Dan Horn on the Uillean Pipes
  • Some observations by Cliff Feldspar
  • Raleigh Wilson, accompanied by Dan Horn, J.D. Wilson on trombone and Maren on piano
  • Raleigh Wilson and Robert Pitre vocal duet
  • Byron shares a story and some birthday thoughts
  • Closing credits

Soundfalls is produced by Maren Van Nostrand and Byron Ricks. The Soundfalls homepage is located here: www.soundfalls.org